Jeanette Calder | Jamaica Team

Jeanette Calder lends her expertise to CIID underpinned by a BA in Architectural Studies and a MSc. in Urban Management and Development with a specialization in the delivery of infrastructure via public private partnerships.

Professional experiences have taken her from architectural practice to years in the public sector with oversight responsibilities for Jamaica's joint venture housing programme between private firms and the Government in providing homes for the middle income market. This demanded a multidisciplinary understanding of issues covering land development, housing finance, contract administration as well as navigating the socio-political governance challenges associated with Government sponsored development projects.

Jeanette balances that experience administering public-private joint ventures, with time in the private sector as an operations/project manager for housing development projects, as well as a project manager for a planning and development consultancy firm.

Her time in academia at the Institute of Housing Studies, Erasmus University, the Netherlands, saw her providing training and advisory services on various PPP capacity building projects in Rotterdam; Kampala, Uganda; and Bangalore, South India.

She is currently assigned to CIID's PPP capacity building project in Jamaica, where she assists with capacity building of public servants for the development of a pipeline of market-ready PPP projects.

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