David Wright | Chief Executive

David is a leading international expert on all forms of PPP. He has significant senior experience of planning and delivering value for money PPP projects, first as a UK civil servant in the 1990's and for the last 14 years as a senior adviser, trainer and mentor to many governments around the world. In addition to delivering infrastructure, he teaches how best to do it. He transfers his extensive knowledge of good (and bad) international practice to help government officials and private sector employees understand how they can efficiently and effectively run PPP programmes and deliver PPP infrastructure themselves.

He specialises in developing and delivering action learning PPP and other infrastructure-related programmes. One such programme leads to a post-graduate Diploma in PPP Leadership and Management awarded by the Institute of Leadership and Management. This is the only specialist training in PPP that leads to a recognised national academic qualification and professional recognition.

David is currently leading our Caribbean operation and is personally advising the Governments of Jamaica and Guyana on developing their PPP programmes. He is focussing on increasing the capacity of public officials to develop policies and implementation strategies. He is also spearheading our new working relationship with the University of the West Indies to develop programmes that will have an impact throughout the Caribbean region.

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