CIID's capacity building programmes are focused on output and results – improvements in implementation capability for the client organisation and individual participants. As a result, there will be improved delivery of projects. We focus on building the capacity of our client organisations to deliver their current goals and projects. This distinguishes CIID's programmes from many others that are currently available, which provide standardised material that does not take into account the specific needs of the client organisation or projects under development.


  • Customised programmes
  • We work with the senior management of the client organisation to refine the programmes to suit the organisation and the projects it is undertaking. We take into account qualification levels, experience and aptitudes of the participants.

  • Work-based learning
  • CIID uses work-based learning or action learning methods to maximise results. Our capacity building programmes are interactive and the components of the programme are linked to the work experience, responsibilities and activities of the participants. Where possible, especially in longer programmes, individual and group projects are directly linked to actual work responsibilities.

  • Combining capacity building with consultancy
  • CIID uses workshops and longer capacity building exercises to evaluate the skills levels and readiness of the client organisation to undertake its projects. This evaluation is fed back to the senior management of the organisation to assist them in organisational management and development.

  • Sector specific skills and experts
  • If a client organisation is engaged in a specific sector, CIID designs its capacity building programmes to reflect the requirements of that sector. We use the expertise and experience of sector specialists in the design and delivery of projects. We have set up sector specialist groups to develop programmes and to keep abreast of developments in key infrastructure sectors.


Many training programmes focus on inputs. CIID emphasises outcomes and results. We gauge the success of our programmes on the increased efficiency and implementation capability of the organisations we work with.

The long-term outcomes of our capacity building programmes are:

  • strengthened and more highly-developed individual management skills
  • enhanced organisational management capability to deliver effective and efficient projects in relevant ministries, departments and agencies of government (MDA)

The short-term outcomes of the programme are:

  • a measurable improvement in leadership and management skills
  • enhanced capacity to apply these skills in the participants' MDAs


CIID capacity building programmes are designed to assist organisations and participants solve real infrastructure-related challenges. In our work-based programmes we focus on output and results. Read more...

CIID Programmes

Our programmes range from short workshops to part-time programmes of 18 months duration leading to a recognised post-graduate qualification. We offer programmes for all levels of an organisation. Read more...


CIID is an approved ILM Centre for its postgraduate qualification in Leadership and Management. We have also developed skills training programmes that match a number of National Occupational Standards. Read more...

Academic Partners

CIID has partnerships with academic institutions and training organisations in the UK, India, Australia and the Caribbean, and we are working towards partnerships and agreements in other Commonwealth countries. Read more...

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