CIID was formed in 2012 by a team with expertise in the main dimensions of infrastructure development and with experience of projects in the Commonwealth. We identified a gap in implementation capability in infrastructure projects, in particular the general lack of a joined-up approach to planning, implementation and support in infrastructure development.

Particularly in emerging market economies, there is a lack of understanding of global best practice. Even in the more developed economies, there is often a lack in the consistent application of good practice. In an era when the public and private sectors have to work more closely together, there is all too often a mismatch between the working practices of these two sectors, and insufficient mutual understanding of project implementation.

In all parts of the world, government finances are increasingly stretched to sustain necessary infrastructure development, and there is an urgent need to develop systematic procedures to decide on the best and most appropriate methods of funding for large infrastructure projects. There is a common misconception that the introduction of PPP methodologies (Public Private Partnerships) will convert unaffordable projects into affordable ones, and bad projects into good. Specialist, experienced guidance is needed for creating appropriate financing structures for large infrastructure projects, together with the management schemes that can effectively integrate the public and private sector partners.

The founders of CIID have created a core team of infrastructure experts, and have expanded their resources and capability through partnerships and other agreements with other organisations, universities and business schools and experienced professionals.

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